Hiring: Project Manager!

Title: Project Manager

Location: Virtual (US-based. Oklahoma City, Denver or Madison, WI preferred)

Years of Experience Required: 3-4 years of project management experience

Employee/Freelance: Full Time or Contract

Your core responsibilities would include:

  • Lead projects internally, which includes:
    • Task-tracking (communicate and distribute action items internally and externally)
    • Quality assurance (ensure all client requests are executed without error)
    • Knowing the Statement of Work inside and out and flagging scope creep to account lead
    • Managing and maintaining timeline / calendar (monitor production schedules and deliverables; hold team members accountable on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis)
    • Working closely with creative and strategy teams to make sure deliverables are clearly understood and produced on-time
    • Working closely with account lead to ensure client objectives are met
  • Create and maintain documentation for all projects from inception to completion, including:
    • Kick-off call agenda
    • Project plan
    • Project brief
    • Budget tracker
    • Meeting notes and action items, both for internal and external meetings
    • Client feedback
    • Case study, when applicable
  • Serve as daily POC for the internal team, which includes providing written and verbal communications outlining project details, scope, timeline, and action items throughout the duration of projects
  • Coordinate with the team leads in each department to ensure proper staffing plan and overall efficient utilization of resources, including:
    • Tracking budgets (e.g., managing line-by-line projections and updating budgets weekly to track profitability)
    • Developing proper timelines that align with resource availability
  • Lead projects externally, depending on experience level, which includes (but is not limited to):
    • Serving as primary POC for clients
    • Liaising between client and team (e.g., interpreting feedback and turning it into actionable tasks)
    • Leading client calls and written communications
    • Preparing and making project deliveries
    • Setting deadlines and holding the client responsible for meeting deadlines
    • Working with the accounts team to ensure projects have been invoiced and paid according to the agreed upon billing schedule

You must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or higher in communications, advertising, journalism or related field
  • Have 3-4 years of professional experience
  • Demonstrate very strong written communication skills
  • Be solution-oriented, proactive and team spirited
  • Be a self-starter who can stay on task without a manager on site
  • Have strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead teams while maintaining professionalism, comportment and adaptability as needed in high-pressure situations and tight deadlines
  • Have outstanding organizational, presentation, communication, coordination, problem-solving, critical / proactive thinking and negotiation skills
  • Be comfortable leading client meetings / calls and effectively translating feedback from clients to constructive direction for other team members with readiness to balance client’s goals and constraints with creative desires and opportunities

Ideally, you have:

  • Prior experience managing multiple projects at once for multiple stakeholder groups
  • Work experience from a digital / creative agency
  • A solid track record of successfully developing and managing projects from start to completion
  • The ability to assess situations accurately from multiple (internal and external) perspectives, and help identify the right solution to account lead (e.g., ability to say no, push back, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge and experience in cloud-based programs and software. Experience with Salesforce or TeamWork is a major plus.
  • Experience coordinating across multiple timezones, cloud-based tools, locations and departments (strategy, design, production and development) for successful results (on time, on budget, seamless launches)

Salary and benefits:

  • Salary: $42,000 - $46,000, dependent on experience
  • Benefits: PTO, health insurance, 401k, FSA and Dependent Care FSA, professional development budget

How to apply:

  • Send your cover letter and résumé to jobs@beutlerink.com with the subject line: “YOUR NAME Applying for Project Manager” (example: Jane Doe Applying for Project Manager). Make sure to include a couple of extras for us:
    • One Tweet (no more than 140 characters) that tells us what sets you apart from other applicants
    • The best piece of visual content (e.g., an infographic) you’ve seen a brand publish
    • Your favorite project that you’ve ever worked on and why
    • The top three social channels you spend your time on