Carangi airships

website design

Carangi Airships was facing a common problem: their product was cutting-edge, but their website wasn’t working for them. They design and manufacture a lighter-than-air craft that can be used for arena advertising, videography, and crowd interaction. For years they had relied mostly on word of mouth for marketing largely because their website wasn’t doing anything for them. It was: 

  • NOT SEO-optimized
  • NOT intuitive to navigate
  • NOT clear on their product’s value proposition
  • NOT designed as a landing page to capture leads

We partnered with them to completely rethink their web presence, using this opportunity to crystallize their visual identity as well as value proposition and target market. We began by workshopping with them to pare down their “elevator pitch”—how they would sell someone on their product in just a few moments. This was our north star, guiding us through the site design process. 

Understanding the problem their product solves helped us design their new website to specifically address the needs of their target audience. Our site copy pointedly addresses three key pain points of their customers, breaking each into a distinct section with its own visual element. Their site now:

  • Immediately tells visitors not just what Carangi Airships can do, but what Carangi Airships can do for them.
  • Puts bold photo assets front and center, showing their story instead of just telling it. 
  • Acts as a lead generation tool, with multiple CTA points enabling visitors to contact Carangi.
  • Is fully SEO-optimized, using specific high-ranking keywords to drive qualified traffic.