Amazon Web Services

Medical Research E-Book

The day-to-day realities of medical research can be daunting. It's easy to lose sight of the end goal: diagnoses and cures that save lives. We partnered with Amazon Web Services to share stories of four customer organizations that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in personalized medicine. The resulting ebook generated more than 200 high-quality leads for the AWS team.

To execute this 27-page illustrated concept, we interviewed four AWS customers working in genetics. We supplemented these interviews with additional research to put together four profiles, each featuring quotes and sidebar callouts, as well as illustrations, flowcharts, and icons to explain how these organizations are using the suite of AWS cloud technology in their research. These elements come together to tell a compelling story of AWS and their customers—who they are, what they do, why it matters, and how this technology is making the world a better place.

"This has been an amazing project," our AWS contact Kelly Berkley said. "Our customers all signed off on and approved the ebook in record-breaking time, and it’s because of the way the story was written—with a human interest focus that really captured the important work that they are doing for precision medicine."

Our outreach campaign was structured to drive traffic to a gated landing page where the ebook was available for download, generating leads. We devised a two-pronged, multi-channel approach, seeding relevant online forums and influencers with teaser content. Focusing largely on Reddit and Stumbleupon for social media and industry-appropriate bloggers and mainline publications for media, we used our own project-specific curated lists to maximize coverage from those we reached out to. We also leveraged LinkedIn for a hyper-targeted paid marketing campaign, creating custom advertising art to promote the book and drive leads. Overall, the campaign generated more than 200 leads, with roughly 20% of those coming from LinkedIn.