Student Experience Infographic

The education technology company Blackboard is well-known for its software solutions. The company also offers extensive consultative services through its student services division. George Mason University recently partnered with Blackboard in this service offering. Thanks to years of experience working with a wide array of higher education providers, Blackboard has a lot of valuable insight to share with administrators, educators, parents, and students.

Blackboard Infographic

But the Blackboard team lacked a way to visualize these insights in a digestible format that could be easily shared across the campus. That's why they sought out the services of Beutler Ink—to distill hours of interviews with George Mason students and faculty and data collection into a beautiful poster that could be printed and posted across campus where it would educate and inspire stakeholders.

The overall storytelling approach focuses largely on the theme of the student’s educational journey. Our strategy team was tasked with extracting the core elements of a complex report and turning the data into a compelling narrative. The resulting infographic poster uses a mix of illustration and layout to tell the story of the ideal student experience.

Rather than creating an actual path on our infographic, we chose to showcase the multi-faceted ideal student experience with a central layout and various layers. Keeping the student front and center in the graphic was important, so the main points are backed by multiple student figures. Incorporating George Mason campus buildings into the audience’s action items brought the graphic closer to home and spoke to the physical and figurative parts of the student journey.