Take to the Sea! Announcing a Big Update to Recurring Developments

Whether you’re a gentleman honey farmer looking to move to the city or a protégé of Carl Weathers, sometimes, you need ANUSTART. Steel yourself with some hot ham water, build a wall, and get away from all the hot messes in your life! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, there’s no reason to do a Something search about it; just head over to Recurring Developments, which today we’re excited to announce has received a massive new update to include Season 4 of Arrested Development, as well as others from the first three seasons that we missed the first time around. We’ve added over 30 new gags and a whole slew of one-time callbacks. Plus, joke occurrences are now color-coded by season, and we’ve included new icons for the most iconic Season 4 jokes!

Go take a look! It’s easier than getting your hands on a little stimmy.