Why Hotels Hire Us for Social Media

On the internet, every brand is a publisher competing to be heard—and this includes hotels and resorts. Getting the word out has never been easier, but finding and holding your guests' attention online has never been harder. 

To stand apart, you need exceptional content and a strategic approach to distribution tailored to your audience, platform, and goals. Increasingly, this means knowing how to allocate and optimize ad spending.

Hiring an agency for your social media marketing allows you to concentrate on the aspects of your business you know best. With a dedicated strategy, effective social media not only broadens your visibility on the world’s largest platforms but also your website's visibility in search engines. This attracts new guests, initiates bookings, and drives revenue.

As the social agency of record for Northwood Hospitality, a portfolio of independent hotels across the country, we grew the collective properties' social footprint 50% within the first six months. Since turning our attention to more sales-oriented tactics, we’ve seen a 250% increase in bookings coming directly from social.

With over thirty years combined experience in social media and specialists in hospitality and food & beverage, we know hotels. Our killer account management team never leaves you wondering about the status of your project or worrying about when we’re going to respond to email. We provide analytics reports that make sense of social activity and put results in terms you and your business partners understand. Using tracking codes and metrics that prove ROI, we deliver results, not buzzwords.

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