Wikipedia Newsletter: New Milestones, New Archives

As Wikipedia has grown over the past 15 years (and counting) from a handful of articles to more than 5 million, its complexity has increased along with it. As amazing a resource as it is, and as rewarding as it can be to contribute, newcomers to the site have 15 years of accumulated customs and culture to digest before they can be fairly sure they know what they're doing.

That's why, in late 2014, we started a newsletter with a simple premise: once a week, we deliver to your inbox a simple summary of one topic or another. Each installment is no more than 150 words, or about what you can read in one minute's time. It is of course called Wikipedia in 60 Seconds, or WP:60 for short. Today, we publish our 100th installment.

If you're coming to WP:60 late, there has never been a better time to pick up the habit. Two years in, and we've just about finished covering all the basics. So far, we've covered Wikipedia's policies and guidelines concerning article content and user behavior, site features, and general advice. In its third year, we're diving deeper, and asking questions like:

What's more, today we announce our all-new archive, searchable by keyword and containing every installment back to the very beginning, presented as a new blog on the Beutler Ink website. If you haven't signed up before, all you need is an email address and we'll send it your way every Wednesday at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. What are you waiting for, sign up here, and tell your friends!

N.B. If your company or brand is the subject of a Wikipedia entry, and something about it isn't quite right, maybe we can help! See our Wiki Engagement services page for information about how we work, and some additional resources to help you understand Wikipedia better.

-William Beutler