Why was my Wikipedia page deleted?


One minute it's there, the next it's gone. But what happened to it? There are several common reasons for Wikipedia pages being deleted. Let's go over the three that most often relate to articles for companies and individuals.

Your page was deleted because it does not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines

Notability at its simplest asks a question: Is the subject of the page notable (ahem, important) enough for inclusion on Wikipedia? Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a phone book or directory, and simply existing is not grounds for inclusion.

To determine notability, Wikipedia editors will look to see what information has been published on the topic. If there is significant coverage of the topic in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, then the subject will be deemed to meet notability guidelines.

Let's break down what exactly this means:

  • Significant coverage means articles that discuss the topic in detail, not just mention it in passing.
  • Reliable sources generally means news articles, preferably from well known publications—i.e., not articles by individual bloggers or commercial websites.
  • Independent means that the source was not published by the subject, or someone closely related to the subject.

If these types of supporting sources do not exist, your page will likely be deleted.

Your page was deleted because it was written in a promotional tone

Wikipedia editors are strongly opposed to the use of Wikipedia for promotional or commercial purposes. If an editor feels that your page is written like an advertisement or a brochure, your page may be deleted, even if the statements and claims come from independent reliable sources.

The purpose of Wikipedia is to provide neutral, factual information about a topic. The page should be an encyclopedia entry, not an extension of a company's or individual's PR and marketing efforts. When pages like this appear on Wikipedia, editors often become suspicious that the page was created by the company or individual. Whether or not this is true, pages that editors perceive as being promotional in nature will often be deleted.

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