Cask & Crew Whiskey
Social Media Content

We partnered with Roc House Brands, a leader in the food and beverage industry, to develop and execute a social media campaign to build brand awareness and identity for a quartet of new whiskey offerings known as Cask & Crew.



The initial 3 varieties in the Cask & Crew lineup (Original, Ginger, and Toffee Walnut) represent a foray into a product space that’s historically been aimed primarily at men. ROC HOUSE needed to create awareness for these flavored whiskeys, by speaking to whiskey newcomers while not alienating the connoisseur market.

Beyond that, ROC HOUSE wanted to promote their Orange Roasted whiskey, positioning it as a readymade alternative to the venerable Old Fashioned.

C&C - Wassail


ROC HOUSE asked us to:

  • Build brand awareness and loyalty

  • Reach and engage an audience that may be interested in whiskey but has not yet developed a taste for it

  • Connect online content to in-store recognition

  • Develop a consistent brand voice, look, and message


In order to establish messaging that would engage the target audience, we developed a collection of social media content, from ideation to execution. Prioritizing a consistent brand voice, we used various media types in service of the project goals:

  • To show how Cask & Crew can be an approachable part of viewers’ lives, we created short Facebook videos demonstrating the creation of branded cocktails. We wanted viewers to be able to envision Cask & Crew as a part of the time they take to unplug and relax.

  • To develop brand affinity with the target demographic, we created blog posts about adjacent subject matter, such as “Women Who Whiskey”. The aim was to cultivate moments of genuine connection, sharing stories and information in a friendly, conversational way.

  • To keep Cask & Crew top of mind, we created a series of Facebook posts, including themed GIFs such as “#WarmUpWithWhiskey”. These were designed to be shared by whiskey lovers among their “crew”.


“ROC HOUSE has worked side by side with BINK for almost 2 years now and have had fantastic content created for one of our most coveted spirit brands, Cask & Crew Whiskey™. Their team is attentive, detailed, and very creative in their approach and content deliverables. They are also open to feedback and quick to respond to our needs. We are hoping for a long partnership as our spirits brands continue to grow digitally, socially and organically.”

Mary DeMarco
Creative & Branding Director at ROC HOUSE Brands

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