Climate Reality

Wiki Article Improvement + Consolidation

Environment education and advocacy organization, The Climate Reality Project, approached us in 2013 with a unique problem: the organization had not one, not two, but three Wikipedia articles each of which was incorrectly titled and outdated.

To help The Climate Reality Project turn the three existing articles into just one Wikipedia article bringing together all information about all their history and activities, we went back to the beginning. We started from scratch with research and discussion to understand the Project’s activities, aims and its development. Using our research, we wrote a new draft for a Wikipedia article focusing on The Climate Reality Project and including discussion of its predecessor organizations.

After writing the new draft, we went to the Wikipedia community to review our proposal and bring the three existing articles together. Editors reviewed the draft and used it to replace one of the existing articles, renaming it to the current organization name. Meanwhile, based on our request, the other two articles for the Project’s predecessor organizations were removed and those links redirected to the new article. Finally, the organization had one single high-quality article!