Beutler Ink is recruiting Arrested Development super fans to help us with research to improve Recurring Developments ahead of season 5.

Requirements: You must have...


a) Seen every episode of Arrested Development at least three times


b) A Google Docs account and working knowledge of Google Spreadsheets


c) Access to Arrested Development
on Netflix


About Recurring Developments

In advance of Arrested Development‘s long-awaited fourth season, in May 2013 we created an interactive visualization mapping all of the cult comedy series' famously intricate running jokes. The site is a service for the Arrested Development fan community, allowing readers to click on an episode and see every recurring joke or click on a joke to see every episode it appeared in.

The viral site earned rave reviews from dozens of notable media outlets, including BuzzFeed, Entertainment Weekly, Gizmodo, Slate, Yahoo! News and The Atlantic Wire. It was also featured in The Telegraph’s end-of-year Internet roundup.

About the Fellowship

Recurring Developments is a fan website devoted to organizing every single identifiable recurring joke in Arrested Development. (If you're reading this, you probably already knew that.) Season 5 is coming to Netflix later this year, and we're planning a spring breakout of our own to make sure we're ready when it lands. And we need your help!

Fellowship Responsibilities

In the next couple of weeks, we'll be assigning out episodes from seasons 1–4, asking research fellows to rewatch and identify timestamps for all of the jokes referenced on Research fellows will be expected to watch the assigned episodes, adding time stamps and associated URLs for each joke to a spreadsheet that we'll provide. Fellows may also be called upon to assist with follow-up requests, as necessary to complete the research.


There's always money in the banana stand, but in labors of love—as this is for us—not so much. If you are selected, we can and will give you credit on the website and free Recurring Developments swag (coming soon). A small price to pay for self-esteem!

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