Engaging America Project

Website Design

The Engaging America Project (EAP) emerged in the wake of the 2016 election as an effort to bridge the communication gap between policy leaders and the American public, particularly those living away from the country's coastal metropolises.

EAP tapped Beutler Ink to create a website to publicize their initiative. The EAP team had only two requirements for the site: it must lead with a strong mission statement followed by clear contact and donation information. Beyond that, they were flexible and open to suggestions.

Beutler Ink helped EAP by:

  • Mapping out their website strategy, including identifying the website components that would (and wouldn't) be critical to a successful launch
  • Handling all aspects of website design, including visualizing key stats, designing custom icons, and publishing through Squarespace
  • Crafting a compelling narrative and voice
  • Developing a digital footprint to promote the site and expand the conversation through dedicated social accounts and email addresses

The EAP is all about dialogue, engagement, and the exchange of ideas. We were able to create a website that underscored those themes and outlined their goals for the future—namely, conversation-driven policy events across the country that will bring together leading policy voices and concerned citizens.

"While I have worked in the communications field for years on behalf of clients, I was actually stumped when it came to my own project. I wisely turned it over to Beutler Ink and decided to listen to the kind of guidance I had given clients in the past—'Let the smart design people do their job.' Beutler didn't disappoint, even if they had to remind me of my guidance."

Price Floyd,
Engaging America Project Founder