Google Social

Social Media Graphics

Since 2015, we’ve enjoyed an ongoing partnership with Google’s official social media team to help brainstorm and design snackable illustrations for their social feeds and dynamic headers for each channel.


These static and animated graphics help Google attract audience attention and reinforce brand values. Past installments have covered quirky holidays, important anniversaries, famous innovators, and whimsical Google Easter eggs. Subjects are determined in close collaboration with the social team and always reflect Google's values and mission.

Though each illustration is unique in subject and style, we maintain a consistent aesthetic steeped in the company's iconic color palette and signature style. Our designers strive to capture key themes and important ideas with playful imagery that delights and inspires audiences across the world.

BINK_Google_Rubiks Cube_Graphic_v1.png

"The Beutler team is both thoughtful and talented—they always approach their illustrations in a way that best represents our brand. It's a joy to partner with them."

Rachelle Lacroix, Social Media Manager