Tech Exchange

In 2015, Google for Entrepreneurs launched GFE Exchange, a program that sends entrepreneurs from around the world to a global network of Google’s Campuses and partners for mentorship and networking.

Google for Entrepreneurs approached us produce an illustrated map series that would introduce participants to their host cities: Paris, London, Dubai or San Francisco. We imagined these maps as mini versions of the popularLonely Planet guide, providing visitors with all they needed to know about navigating public transportation, finding major landmarks and tourist locations, and tracking down the best restaurants and nightclubs. By creating a map that folded down to a pocket-sized guide, we were able to easily combine the helpful tips of a local with the spacial awareness of a map.

To fulfill this vision, we researched the host cities and neighborhoods extensively, and gathered dining and recreation tips from the local Google for Entrepreneurs teams and partners. Our illustrations captured the visual flair of each city in their depictions of local architecture and street design.