Beutler Ink and TheSkimm have combined forces to compile the year's most memorable political and pop culture moments into a single, sprawling illustration!

You can click below to explore the entire graphic or scroll further down for a behind-the-scenes look at how our team executed the project and a complete list of depictions.

Behind the scenes

Every December we release a "Here's to..." graphic that mashes up the year's news and pop culture in a fun Where's Waldo?-inspired illustration. Each edition features a different artist working within a different backdrop, from Wes Anderson-style diorama to Blade Runner-esque dystopia.

Our team loves putting these together, but after five straight installments we know the project could use a fresh spin. So we reached out theSkimm about a partnership opportunity, and were absolutely thrilled when they said yes! A staggering 7 million readers (including many on our team) wake up to their newsletter—and their warm, conversational tone—every morning.

Now all the project needed was an artist! Thankfully, we were lucky enough to recruit Michele Rosenthal, a Brooklyn-based illustrator specializing in colorful vectors and creative caricatures (we love her Criterion Affection film blog). Her early sketches of the graphic completely nailed the concept, and every subsequent update just got better and better.

We're incredibly pleased with the final illustration and hope you love it as much as we do.


— Beutler Ink

The Key (Did you find everyone?)

Here's to 2018 - Key