Video Animation

We partnered with identity verification leader to create animated explainer videos highlighting key benefits of two of their technologies: Identity Gateway and Wallet.

In the real world, it's easy to prove identity with driver's license or student ID. In the digital world, identity is extremely important—but more difficult to verify. That's where comes in.

The company's Identity Gateway provides a single API endpoint through which partners can verify the identity of users attempting to access a website or to unlock an exclusive benefit like a military discount. Wallet, meanline, allows customers to take that identity with them from website to website so they don't have to verify again with every new transaction.

The company's marketing team wanted content that would effectively communicate this value to potential customers. We agreed that video was the perfect format—the 40 to 60 second length gave us plenty of time and visual space to show how the service resolves common e-commerce pain points and benefits brands and consumers alike.

The animated videos we created:

  • Use clean, mobile-friendly animation to convey all the key marketing points within a cohesive narrative.

  • Concisely enumerate the value of affinity marketing in language that resonates with retailers.

  • Explain how's platform increases consumer choice and privacy.

  • Reinforce the company's visual branding and marketing voice.


"Beutler Ink made it easy to bring our creative concepts to life. We were in a crunch to get one of the videos done within a matter of two weeks, and they not only completed the project but also exceeded our expectations. I'd recommend this team to anyone who needs high quality product marketing. Thanks, Beutler!"

Paula Levine, Partner Success Manager,