Animated Video

Kaggle's open-data platform supports a vibrant community of data scientists and machine learning engineers. As this community has expanded, so has the platform's capabilities and powerful features. The company wanted to ensure that new users were aware of this functionality, so they partnered with Beutler Ink to create a series of animated videos detailing their platform and services.

We began the engagement by helping Kaggle refine their desired messaging into a narrative-driven script, then provided style and voice over options to help them understand what the finished video would look and sound like. Once we were aligned on direction, we set about executing the final product.

The first animated video we created for Kaggle:

  • Translates abstract concepts into playful imagery and uses vibrant colors to capture the viewer's attention;
  • Clearly and concisely explains Kaggle's value proposition to target users (data scientist and machine learning engineers);
  • Ends with a clear call to action to get new users started on their Kaggle journey;
  • Reflects Kaggle's visual branding and messaging goals and sets the stage for future videos.