Law Publications

Active Shooter Book Design

We partnered with LAW Publications, a leading publisher of educational materials for law enforcement agencies, to edit, illustrate, and design a comprehensive guide to preparing for and dealing with the aftermath of active shooter situations.


LAW Publications tasked us with:

  • Providing actionable best practices for responding to an active shooter situation in a 32-page booklet targeted at educators and workplaces.

  • Distilling a complex topic into an engaging and easily-digestible format.

  • Balancing a somber tone with striking design that draws readers into the text.

  • Designing a best in class product that helps establish a brand and clearly distinguishes LAW from competitors

The Client: LAW Publications is a Texas-based publisher that has produced a range of educational content from guides for fighting drug abuse to human trafficking. Like previous editions, this new guide would need to convey a large amount of actionable information within a relatively small space. But the Active Shooter Situation Resource Booklet would also be the first guide to reflect a corporate rebrand. The executive team wanted something bold and attention-grabbing to establish the company as a clear leader in their publishing field.


  • To ensure the guide would be distinct and eye-catching, we used evocative original illustrations instead of staged stock photos.

  • To ensure the content was easy to understand and follow, we presented the information in digestible units (through the use of sidebars, typographic hierarchy, and navigation "breadcrumbs") instead of an impenetrable block of text.

  • To ensure appropriate tone and context, we worked directly with the editorial team to refine the copy and highlight key ideas through callouts and design elements.


"The product exceeded our expectations. Within two weeks, the number of law enforcement agencies wanting this as their main product was nearly equal to the number that wanted our flagship product. Beutler Ink was able to help us develop a much needed and wanted product to help people when this kind of catastrophe strikes."

- Ray Green, CEO, LAW Publications

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