Your marketing strategy

Your marketing should be driven by clear business objectives, not social media fads.

A marketing strategy aligns all of your marketing efforts with clear sales and growth goals. It helps you identify your most important customers and tells you which channels they're most active on—and what type of messaging is most likely to reach them. And, importantly, it creates a feedback loop which generates continual data and insights about your audiences and operations.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, creating a marketing strategy can be a big lift. It's not enough to simply create social media accounts and start posting. You need research, data, and—yes—strategy. Good news: Beutler Ink is here to help. Our team has created comprehensive marketing strategies for global brands and scrappy startups alike.

We can support you by:

Researching your market

We deliver meaningful insights about your industry, your competitors, and your customers through a combination of social testing and deep-dive analysis.

Developing buyer personas

We help you internalize your ideal customer and identify the messaging and offers that will resonate with them.

Identifying influencers

We find the thought leaders and social superstars who can generate buzz about your content and ideas, and figure out how to win their support.

Creating a goal-driven advertising strategy

We develop campaigns that reflect how real customers within your target demographics find your product, engage with content, and make purchasing decisions.

Aligning purpose to platform

We know a blanket approach to social media doesn't work—what performs well on Instagram doesn't translate directly to Twitter—so we optimize your messaging to audiences on each network.

Developing an editorial calendar

We ensure that you have consistent content to publish so that your audience will stay engaged with your brand.

A marketing strategy from Beutler Ink will provide more frequent and more persuasive engagement with targeted audiences.

And when you work with us, our team becomes an extension of yours. We provide you with the information and context that will help you make better marketing decisions with or without us.

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