Beutler Ink bleeds Green Bay green and gold. And also Trail Blazers red and black. And can't forget crimson and cream (Go Sooners!). And, hey, how about those Capitals?  

Point is, we love sports at least as much as we love data and design! And we're always thrilled when we can combine these loves into fun projects like the ones listed below:

Sports Geek

A Visual Tour of Sporting Myths, Debate, and Data

Bloomsbury Publishing approach us to create data visualizations for British author Rob Pinto's 2016 book, Sports Geek. Our designers came up with 20 different kinds of charts, from straightforward line and bar charts to more complex stream graphs, alluvial diagrams, and original visualizations. Click here to see excerpts from the book.

Football vs Football

World Cup Viewers and Super Bowl Viewers

We created this fun graphic comparing audience sizes for the Super Bowl and the World Cup. Click here to explore the whole graphic. (Spoiler Alert: Fútbol audiences >>>> American football audiences.)

Solid Verbal College Football Graphics

We partnered with podcast juggernaut The Solid Verbal to create a series of data visualizations charting out the college football landscape based on top programs' revenue, popularity, and coaching salaries. Click here to see more.

A Viewer's Guide to the
CrossFit Games

We produced a cheat sheet to the CrossFit Games to help newbie viewers understand movements and terminology. Click here to see the whole thing. And if you want to talk more about CrossFit... well, you probably shouldn't get us started.

The Decline of America's Pastime?

We charted the gradual decline—and recent spike!—in audience sizes for professional baseball. You can see the details here, but please don't blame us for the (mostly) bad news. We calls 'em like we sees 'em!