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Data-Driven Innovation Report

What constitutes Big Data? How is it changing the world around us?
And most importantly: How can it be used for good?

To answer these questions, Beutler Ink helped the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation design The Future of Data-Driven Innovation, a report exploring critical Big Data trends and policy issues, and featuring contributions from some of the top minds in business, technology, and economics.

The Data-Driven Innovation report was designed to live on the Foundation’s website, tablets, and as a printed version distributed at the Future of Data-Driven Innovation event on October 7th. In addition to designing the report, Beutler produced a series of graphics based on key takeaways from several chapters. Beutler worked closely with the authors to make sure the graphics reflected their respective policy proposals. Smaller versions of these graphics were embedded within the respective chapters, and larger versions were posted on the Chamber’s social feeds.

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