Vermont Chamber of Commerce

The Vermont Futures Project
Report Design

The state of Vermont faces economic challenges including a shrinking population and lagging median income, but the Vermont Futures Project has a vision that will lead the state to a thriving economy by 2040—and they have data about six key elements that will help Vermont get there.

To tell this data-driven story, the Vermont Futures Project partnered with Beutler Ink to visualize a report that seeks to promote the state's long-term economic health and inform the conversation through research and education.

Using various data visualization techniques, we created materials that presented the Vermont Futures Project's data about Vermont's current economic landscape in digestible, visual insights, including a unique chart that depicts the gap in workforce supply and demand, one of Vermont’s key economic issues. This report was printed and shared with key political stakeholders, and certain charts were used in additional posters and brochures.