Week 116: All Wiki Do is Win

The essay "Wikipedia is not about winning" reminds editors that content and behavioral disputes are meant to be resolved through consensus, not by "winning" arguments. Egos are not helpful to Wikipedia's mission or its collaborative community, and users should accept decisions made by consensus.

Those who seek to control content or have the last word in discussions are at Wikipedia for the wrong reasons. While there are organized competitions within Wikipedia (such as the WikiCup) these contests exist for the purpose of building an encyclopedia. Participants should keep this in mind.

Altruism exists at Wikipedia. The essay includes the quote, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one". This reminds users to be a team player instead of trying to prove a point. Remember, there is nothing to "win" at Wikipedia. As the essay cleverly observes, "Wikipedia is not World of Encyclopediacraft".

Beutler Ink