Week 120: Assigning WikiBlame

In addition to revision history statistics, which provide auto-populated details about a Wikipedia article's past, users can view information about a page's history using the "Revision history search" tool, also available at the top of the page when you click through the "View history" tab. This tool, which is also known as "WikiBlame", allows you to submit search terms, skip or ignore specific revisions, and enter a start date, among other options.

Go back to the "View history" tab of the article and click on the "Edits by user" link if you want to access the "User Contribution Search" tool, which searches an article's history and edits made by individual users. Here you can search by username and set the maximum number of edits to return, among a few other options. Successful searches show timestamps for the user's contributions, edit summaries, and the number of bytes added or subtracted.

Beutler Ink