Week 89: How to Build a Wikipedia Article

The structure of Wikipedia articles is highly consistent, which contributes greatly to the site's readability and reliability. Here's what you'll find on most pages:

  1. An introduction that should also be a basic summary of the article to come.
  2. In many articles, an infobox sidebar at left, with an image and key info.
  3. A table of contents, for articles with at least four headings.
  4. The main content of the article, usually in topical sections under different headings.
  5. A references section listing sources used to verify the article's information.
  6. An external links section with links to an official site and further resources.
  7. A list of categories the article fits into.

A detailed list of all possible elements can be found at MOS:ORDER, and we'll eventually describe them all. But in most cases, these are the ones you'll find, and the order in which you'll find them.