Week 115: Cool as a Wikipedia Editor

When tens of thousands of editors are working together to build an encyclopedia, disputes are inevitable. The essay "Staying cool when the editing gets hot" reminds users that (at least in theory) editors contribute to Wikipedia for similar reasons, so you should respect people as you engage in conversations. Edit wars and personal attacks are inappropriate and counterproductive .

The essay includes twelve suggestions for "keeping your cool" such as: trying to understand dissenting views, avoiding name calling, taking a break when you feel frustrated, assuming good faith, and remembering the website's purpose. It also offers recommendations for coping with disruptive editing by ignoring offensive comments, politely engaging in conversation, understanding a conflict's source, and taking breaks to calm down.

In summary, remember to be civil, avoid personal insults, don't engage in edit wars, and seek dispute resolution when needed. Follow this advice, and everyone is better off.

Beutler Ink