It may seem a bit silly to discuss the Editing policy of the "encyclopedia anyone can edit" but openness isn't quite the same thing as anarchy. Here are some concepts to keep in mind:

  • Wikipedia doesn't have to be perfect… but it should be presentable. It's OK to leave a subject incomplete—and what does "complete" mean, anyway?—but do finish your sentences.

    Add a "citation needed" tag if you really must, but avoid making more work for others. If you see something wrong, try first to fix it, and then leave a note for someone else to try later.

    Remember the BRD cycle (week 13). If you're on the brink of an edit war, take a deep breath, withdraw in the short run, then explain why your version is best in the long run.

Follow all policies and guidelines! Did I really have to say that? Yeah, it never hurts.