Week 118: Give It a Rest Already

A variant of the expression "don't beat a dead horse", the short essay "Drop the stick and back slowly away from the horse carcass" advises editors not to revive a debate once it has come to a natural end. This is recommended regardless of whether the discussion ended in your favor, or the opposite, or came to a standstill with no major outcome.

The essay suggests that continually referring back to an unpleasant debate, regardless of how it ended, will not win you friends or influence others, and may actually be a nuisance. If a discussion ended in your favor, don't keep reminding others of your "victory", or their "loss". If a debate did not conclude the way you preferred, move on. And if one came to an end with no conclusions or solutions, this is usually because consensus cannot be reached or participants lost interest, so let it go and focus on other tasks.

Beutler Ink