The essay “Here to build an encyclopedia” reminds users that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia built by a community with a specific mission, and that editors who go against the site’s guidelines and goals may have their privileges removed.

Constructive contributors are genuinely interested in improving the project, respect Wikipedia’s standards, focus on creating and improving encyclopedic content, and learn from their mistakes. Editors may have different approaches to editing and may focus on niche topics or specific processes, or have unpopular opinions, but should act in good faith. Being “here to build an encyclopedia” refers to an editor’s general behavior and purpose, and not any specific edit.

Wikipedia projects are community-supported and host non-encyclopedic content such as user pages, essays, and other project pages. Pages that are not related to building the encyclopedia may be deleted. These may include promotional content, personal attacks, social networking pages, and disruptive material.

Beutler Ink