Week 85: Interactivity Activities

We continue our explanation of Wikipedia's navigation sidebar this week by looking at its interaction section. Here's what you'll find there:

  • Help—If you're looking for assistance with a specific issue about how to edit or otherwise interact with Wikipedia, this is a good place to start, especially because of its search function.
  • About Wikipedia—What Wikipedia is about in its own words, intended for new visitors and potential contributors; not to be confused with Wikipedia's article about Wikipedia.
  • Community portal—A page collecting projects important to Wikipedians. If it seems a bit overwhelming, well, you aren't wrong.
  • Recent changes—Every edit happening on Wikipedia in basically the last 30 seconds. Hit refresh, it's fun!
  • Contact page—Yes, it's what it sounds like, but Wikipedia's diffuse organization unfortunately means it isn't as useful as it sounds.

Of course, the best way to interact with Wikipedia is really to find a page and click "edit". :)