Week 83: Let's Sidebar This

Over the next few installments, we'll focus on something that is often overlooked, even by longtime Wikipedia editors: the sidebar found at the left of each page, also called thenavigation bar. Today, we'll just identify the separate sections and what can be found there:

  • Navigation section—Links to a few pages long-ago designated important, including donating to Wikipedia.
  • Interaction—Places to find help and learn about Wikipedia.
  • Tools—Links to special pages, mostly intended for experienced editors.
  • Print/export—Create a printed book of Wikipedia articles? You can! But downloading a page as PDF is probably more useful.
  • Languages—If the page you are on also exists in other Wikipedia language editions, clicking here will take you there.

If you have an account, you can edit these links—but very few actually do. One final note: if you don't see the navigation sidebar at all, this means you are on the mobile site.