Week 80: Now Diff, Don't Con Me

Last week, we focused on diffs: what they are, and how to read one. Today we'll talk about how to find diffs, and what you can do with them.

On watchlists and user contribution lists, diffs are easy to find: you find them by clicking on the word "diff" on the line representing the edit you want to investigate. But in some other cases, such as page histories, "diff" does not appear at all.

Instead, at the left of each line you will see "cur" and "prev", which are diffs showing the difference from the current version of the page or the previous one. 
In these cases, you can even create a new diff by selecting which two versions you wish to compare. Just choose a left radio button for the older version and a right radio button for the newer version, then click on "Compare selected revisions". Easy!