Week 84: On the Top-Side(bar)

Last week we introduced the navigation sidebar. This week we'll focus on its uppermost links:

  • Main page—Links to Wikipedia's main page, which displays featured content, current events, "Did you know..." hooks, and historical anniversaries
  • Contents—Introduces readers to curated article, reference, and special format collections, and collections of articles by quality or popularity
  • Featured content—Displays some of the encyclopedia's latest quality content, including featured articles, lists, pictures, portals, and topics
  • Current events—This portal archives major news events in reverse chronological order; links to related Wikipedia articles are included when appropriate
  • Random article—Clicking on this link will direct users to a random Wikipedia article, providing yet another way to get lost in the Internet's largest general reference work
  • Donate to Wikipedia—Here's where you can make a contribution to the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that hosts Wikipedia and its sister projects
  • Wikipedia store—Where you can buy Wikipedia t-shirts and other merchandise