Week 126: Quoth Wikipedia 'Nevermore'

Quotations have many uses: short reproductions of original wordings or larger block quotes of written or spoken passages. Continuing our tour of Wikipedia's Manual of Style, we look at how quotes should be used, and what we should stay away from as we edit. Some key points:

  • Do not use too many quotes: it violates encyclopedic tone, and perhaps copyrights!

  • Quotes should be faithfully reproduced. However, it is OK to fix the occasional typo or use brackets.

  • Vague, unoriginal opinions do not need to be put in quote marks. As the MOS says: Siskel and Ebert called the film interesting. Or: Siskel and Ebert called the film "interesting but heart-wrenching". See the difference?

  • Do not copy special formatting in quotes.

  • If you are quoting a full sentence by someone, name them.

  • Do not add wikilinks

  • Do not infer sarcasm. Avoid: Can't do Siskel and Ebert called the film "interesting".

Beutler Ink