Week 119: Historical Revisions

Revision history statistics provide information about the history of editable Wikipedia pages. To access these details, click on the "View history" tab at the top of any article, then click on "Revision history statistics" next to "External tools". Doing so will show many facts about the article's past, including timestamps of the first and most recent edits, when the largest content chunks were added or removed (and by whom), the number of minor and anonymous edits, and frequency of activity.
The page also tells you the number of wiki and external links, and page watchers, plus the most active contributors. It provides additional statistics about the top editors, including their number of contributions to the article, when they edited, and how much content they added or subtracted. If you know how to read them, revision history statistics can tell you a lot about how a given article came to be.

Beutler Ink