Week 133: Rollback to the Future

Last week, we introduced user access levels, and this week we'll highlight two widely-held privileges: reviewing and rollback rights.

Reviewing rights permit users to decide if specific edits are generally appropriate for Wikipedia (but they are not responsible for deciding the changes are "correct"). Reviewers help reduce vandalism and other inappropriate edits, such as copyright violations, made by anonymous contributors. As of early 2017, there are nearly 8,000 reviewers, and you can learn more about how to become one here.

Rollback rights allow users to revert an editor's consecutive edits to a specific page by clicking on a single link. The tool is often used to undo vandalism, but there are other uses. Users can access the "rollback" button on their watchlist and in page histories, among other locations. There are nearly 7,000 rollbackers as of 2017. You can request access of the user rights here.

Beutler Ink