Week 77: Searching for All the Answers

Like any website too large for a simple directory to make sense, Wikipedia's on-site search function is an absolute necessity. This box appears in the top right of all pages, and it works like any other: type your query in the box and hit "enter" to visit the search results page.

But there's a bit more you can do. If you have JavaScript enabled, and wait a moment before pressing the key, Wikipedia will show you suggested articles in a drop-down menu. Or, you can click on the magnifying glass icon for more search features, such as limiting results to just media, or searching for content in specific namespaces.

The search feature offers spelling and query corrections, and hyphens can be used to turn "yes include" queries into "no" terms. Keep in mind, characters other than letters and numbers are ignored. Eventually we'll go more in-depth, but for now, happy searching!