Week 91: The Style Section

Most Wikipedia articles divide content into sections, each under a different heading. This makes entries easier for users to navigate and read. Naming these sections might seem easy enough, but of course Wikipedia has rules about how to do it right.

Generally, the Manual of Style indicates that the rules for article names often apply with section headings. In practice, this means section titles:

  • are "Sentence case", not "Title Case"
  • are nouns or noun phrases, not verbs (see Usain Bolt's Rise to prominence, not the sprinter Rising to prominence)
  • avoid ending punctuation, unless part of a title or abbreviation
  • should not include links or questions
  • should not begin with numbers
  • should be neutral (see Police report during 2016 Olympics on the Ryan Lochte article)

Certain WikiProjects—from Cities to Pharmacology to Professional wrestling—suggest a specific naming and ordering structure for articles in their project area. But mostly, it's up to you.