Week 73: Talking The Talk

Finding agreement among Wikipedia editors isn't always easy. To facilitate conversation, every Wikipedia page and every user account comes with "talk page" (aka "discussion page") to work out differences and try to find consensus.

Informally, editors will refer to the two types of discussion pages as "article talk" and "user talk".

Your own "user talk" link is found next to the account link in the upper right corner of any page. At user talk, new editors often receive friendly notes welcoming you to Wikipedia… but if your early edits run afoul ofWikipedia's rules, you might instead get a talking-to.

Most discussion takes place on "article talk" pages and other forums, which we'll explore in more depth in the future. If you have an issue to raise, find the right talk page, and follow the guidelines. Like much else on Wikipedia, talk pages are more complex than they first appear.