Week 81: The Entire History of You

In a recent installment, we talked about page history, showing a reverse-chronological list of all edits to any page. A very similar feature of Wikipedia is user contributions, showing a reverse chronological list of all edits by a single user account.

In fact, they're so similar you can just re-read it for the basics, and here we can focus on what's different about them.

Since user contributions track an account, not a page, each listed revision lists the page edited, not the user account editing. And since it's tracking multiple pages, not just one, instead of showing "curr" and "prev" diffs, each line shows the single "diff" from that user's edit, and the page history itself.

It also shows different analysis tools. Instead of tools like "page view statistics" at the top, there are tools like "edit count" at the bottom. Simples!