WEEK 96: Tools in the Wiki Toolshed

Wikipedia is not just an encyclopedia, and not just a community. It's also a software project, as any website project necessarily must be. Accordingly, Wikipedia editing and reading is supported by hundreds of different software tools designed to accomplish specific tasks.

Among the many purposes to which these tools have been put:

  • Reducing the strain of repetitive tasks for individual editors

  • Streamlining the review of new edits in order to catch vandalism

  • Analyzing page edit histories and user accounts

  • Automated programs called "bots" performing certain tasks must faster than people can

  • Browser plug-ins altering your view of Wikipedia pages

  • Processes designed to help Wikipedia work with different document formats

In the coming weeks and months, we'll look at some of the most common and useful Wikipedia tools. And over the next year, we'll returning to Wikipedia's Manual of Style and user essay series, as well as more tools—so stay tuned!

Beutler Ink