Last week we covered the "top tabs" on a Wikipedia page, but there is another set of links above that. We'll call them the "top links" and they are found in the top right corner of every page.

If you are not logged into an account, you will see, left to right: "Not logged in" as gray text; and the following links: "Talk" and "Contributions"—these are associated with the IP address you are using; "Create account"; and "Log in".

If you are logged in, you will see: your user name, followed by two features telling you if your name has been mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia, and if you have new messages on your Talk page. Then a "Sandbox" link, a page for testing edits. Then: "Preferences"; "Beta"; "Watchlist"; and "Contributions" and "Log out".

Some of these may seem obvious, others obscure. In the coming weeks, we'll cover them all.