Week 134: Extra Levels

In recent weeks, we've discussed user access levels, in particular reviewing and rollback rights. This week, we'll briefly mention five more:

  • New pages created by users with autopatrolled rights are automatically considered OK and don't need to be checked by new page patrollers. Autopatrolled users are expected to know Wikipedia's policies and guidelines.
  • File movers are editors who have demonstrated familiarity with rules about images and other media, including why or why not files may be moved. They are able to move, or rename, files by accessing the "move" tab at the top of a page.
  • Similarly, page movers can rename pages without leaving redirects.
  • Account creators have the technical ability to create 6 or more accounts for other users within a 24-hour period (which otherwise may look like a spammer at work).
  • Mass message senders can send messages to multiple Wikipedia users at once.
Beutler Ink