Week 135: Entitlement Program

Wikipedia's Manual of Style has specific requirements for titles of works: major works like novels and films should be italicized, while minor works like songs and poems should be in "quotation marks". But some titles require neither italics nor quotation marks, including scripture, constitutional documents, commercial products, and large-scale events.

Other fun things to keep in mind:

  • Punctuation adjacent to titles should be placed outside italics or quotation marks, unless the punctuation is part of the title itself.
  • All words in English-language title should be capitalized, except for articles or short coordinating conjunctions and prepositions. It can be different for other languages.
  • Titles do not incorporate typographic effects, such as superscript.
  • The first and last words within the title are always uppercase.
  • Abbreviations considered "source-attested" are permitted. What, you mean you don't remember the 90-word title of Fiona Apple's 1999 album in its entirety?
Beutler Ink