Week 141: Tea House, Su Casa

The "Teahouse" is a space dedicated to helping new Wikipedia editors, where visitors can ask questions and meet other community members. It contains many helpful links to various resources, and is populated by a number of helpful editors.

From the main page you can find a link to Teahouse "Hosts" (note: they are not like Westworld hosts) and you can also click a link to as a question. Many questions are about Wikipedia's unique markup language, tips for writing articles, and technical issues.

Experienced editors who are interested in becoming a host can learn more here. Becoming a host is easy and merely requires an editor to pledge that he or she will try to remain in good standing, welcome guests, and be friendly to others, among other expectations.
For a longer explanation of the Teahouse, in 2012 it was featured in The Signpost, Wikipedia's weekly "newspaper".

Beutler Ink