Week 149: Discriminating Tastes

The policy What Wikipedia is not states that "Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information". Just because something is true and verified does not mean it belongs on Wikipedia.

To clarify further, the essay Discriminate vs indiscriminate information aims to identify the difference and how Wikipedia editors should apply its lessons.

Using Wiktionary's definition, it describes an indiscriminate information as information gathered "without care or making distinctions". A discriminate collection of information would be one where the information was gathered and displayed with care and making distinction.

In general, Wikipedia articles should not be many things: an excessive list of statistics, an exhaustive log of software updates, or every sample in Girl Talk's Feed the Animals. (It once did!) But it should still include critical commentary on those songs.

How much is too much? Reliable sources tend to have the answer.

Beutler Ink