Week 153: Everyone's a Critic

Wikipedia covers many aspects of the topics covered in its digital pages, including criticism, to add balance to articles. However, adding criticism can quickly tip the scale the other way.

The essay "Criticism" offers insight in dealing with criticism and controversies. Probably most important: Editors must be sure they stay neutral. As this essay rightly notes, "Most problems with negative material can be avoided by adhering to standard WP policies, such as using good sources, balancing the content carefully, and writing in an unbiased way."

There are different ways to handle critical material. While many editors create Criticisms and Controversies sections, these can become "troll magnets". This essay suggests, and we agree, that editors integrate all viewpoints throughout the article in their proper place, not in these negative dumping grounds. Remember: Sections can deal with controversial subjects and be worded neutrally at the same time.

Beutler Ink