Week 107: Fantastic Bots and Where to Find Them

Last week we discussed "bots" as a category of software program handling routine tasks on Wikipedia. This week we'll profile a few of them:

ClueBot refers to a few different bots with variations on this name that seek to detect vandalism. The current version is Cluebot NG and it has been in operation since 2010.

If you forget to add the four tildes ("~~~~") to include your signature following a discussion page comment, SineBot will add one for you. Don't be offended, just remember to add one next time.

Yobot makes a variety of routine edits to biographical articles, especially concerning the all-important question of whether they are alive or dead. Yobot has made more than 4 million edits since it was created in 2010.

Wikipedia has more than 2,000 additional bots. Why not get to know one!

Beutler Ink