Week 110: Editors On Patrol

Recent changes patrol is a mini-community of Wikipedia editors who watch, ever-vigilant, for unhelpful edits. Colloquially, you might hear it called "vandal patrol". Their job is to "rollback" these edits and make things right again.

But these unhelpful edits aren't all done for the lulz. Many edits that appear to be vandalism may be simple experimentation, like new editors testing Wikipedia. Is it really possible to edit this page? Yes, yes it is.

Less well-meaning are spammers who try to insert links to their websites in hopes of gaining a boost from Wikipedia's credibility with Google. (To limited effect, as Wikipedia long ago enabled "nofollow".)
And then the fact is a lot of it is in fact vandalism. These efforts are also supported by the Counter-Vandalism Unit, and many bots and tools have been created to help fight the good fight. Next week, we examine a few of them.

Beutler Ink