Week 111: Huggle, Snuggle, and Twinkle—Oh My!

Last week we talked about "vandal patrol" and why they're on the lookout for more than vandalism. Here today, a few common tools assisting editors in their efforts:

  • Huggle is an alternative browser for desktop that can display edits in realtime and makes it easier to review and revert them

  • Snuggle is another browser focused on monitoring edits by new Wikipedia editors to help encourage good contributions

  • Twinkle is a gadget (enabled in Preferences) to automate tasks like identifying vandalism, tagging articles and requesting deletions

  • STiki is a tool that semi-automates detection and reversion of vandalism, in fact making vandal patrol sort of like a video game

These tools are used by a very small, but very active group of Wikipedia editors. In fact, we've never used them! But if you have, we'd love to hear your experiences.

Beutler Ink